Other Services



Color Consultations

$125.00 for the first two hours

$25.00 each additional hour

Porch/Patio Redesigns


$75.00/day for Design Assistant

Photo Copy Decor - Have a hard time putting into words the decor you want?  Get your favorite picture from a magazine, catalog or a camera to reveal your thoughts for you.  The Redesign team will "reproduce" your picture and make it your decor.

  *Cost will be estimated at the consultation.

Floral Arrangements are made to order.  A picture can help you relay your idea of a floral arrangement or buy your own flowers and we will make your arrangement.

   *Prices quoted at consultation.

Holiday/Special Occasion Decorating is available whether it is a birthday party or holiday decorating.  We can accommodate all occasions.

   *Prices quoted at consultation.

Tablescaping is spotlight decorating.  It could be a mantel or the top of an entertainment center in need of that "WOW" factor.  We can come in and create the magic for you.

$125.00 for the first hour

$25.00 each hour thereafter


We can help you with your shopping to choose accessories/decorations to better enhance your personal design.

$125.00 for the first 2 hours

$25.00 for each hour thereafter

*Caps will apply if we are doing a job for you

Merge Design is where two families' furnishings are combined into one.  

1 room $300.00

Combo room $350.00

2 rooms $500.00

Common Quarters (foyer, kitchen, dinning room, living room and family room) $1000.00 

Design Assistant $75.00/day

Gift Certificates are available for Mother's  Day, Birthdays, Christmas, House Warmings or for any special occasion for that special person.

                     * *NEW**



Accentuate...Your Vehicle with Camo

Choose your pattern - Choose your style

We can custom style the outside of your vehicle with your choice of camo patterns. See "Vehicle" section for more information.






Restrictions apply to all services.


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