The distance between TV and your couch may be a few feet.  But that small gap can seem like a vast chasm when it comes to translating rooms from the latest TV home design show to your actual living space.  However, help is available, and it's closer than you think.  Interior Redesign is a new perspective for the furnishings you already have.  While you are out shopping, visiting with friends or at work, we will come in and completely empty the room/rooms and give you a professional custom Redesign.  We use professional design techniques such as angles, lines, color and architecture to layout the design area.  A "Designer Decor," usually within a day using your pre-existing furnishings...WOW! We will "shop" your home to further enhance the design.  You will be greatly amazed at the results.  "Your" taste in style and accessories paired with Accentuate equals a magnificent masterpiece.


*One Room $300.00

*Combo Room $350.00

*Two Rooms  $500.00

*Common Quarters $1000.00

**Design Assistant $75.00/day

**Prices do not include "special services."


Have a Redesign Party.  This is where you invite friends to meet you at your home the morning of the Redesign.  You and your friends will return together at a specified time to see the Redesign masterpiece.  Accentuate will provide refreshments at no extra charge.  You will receive discounts for Redesigns from your Redesign Party.  Ask!


1 A Before-One Day Redesign



1 B After-One Day Redesign



2 A Before-One Day Redesign



2 B After-One Day Redesign



3 A Before-One Day Redesign



3 B After-One Day Redesign



5 Boys Room    




6 Girl's Room






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