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Hi!  I am Pat Denley.  I have been "redesiging"  for as long as I can remember.  I love to take an item and find a "reuse" for it.  Add this with painting, arts, crafts and the possibilities are endless.  As a teen I was always wallpapering, painting, rearranging furniture and making crafts for my family home.  Mom never stopped me.  After college, I made crafts, designed florals, coordinated weddings and decorated homes.  With the introduction of HGTV, I knew my calling and purpose was "Redesign."  I have an intense passion for this talent.  I love taking  your existing furnishings and  creating a professional custom design made especially for you!  I cherish each client's reaction (the "WOW"  factor) with every  "Redesign."  Furthering my education at Barbizon and Redesign America and being accepted into the profession of the Interior Redesign Industry Specialists, an international professional association for professionals of the redesign community with members in the U.S. and three other countries, I began "Accentuate." 

At Accentuate it is all about YOU! Your style, your taste, and how you use your space. By collaborating with you, our goal is to bring it all to life and give you your personal  designer decor.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary!


 1 - Placement that's pleasing to the eye

 2 A  - This piece is too large for the small wall. 

2 B - We downsized the cabinet and created a "designer decor."

3 - Modern

4 - Traditional



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